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Talent Strategy
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The Elite Talent Program of Gan & Lee contains five parts, including the FDP Program, the TTT Program, the LDP Program, the GGG Program, and the CXO Program. The aim is to cultivate hires who identify with our corporate culture, are devoted to mutual development between self and enterprise, seek self-improvement and demonstrate leadership ability, excel at inter-departmental cooperation and communication, and have both professional skills and management ability.

Fresh Development Program, to help new graduates quickly adapt to the workplace, and successfully become qualified Gan & Lee employees.

Chief X Officer, to further study and exchange modern management concepts, build a world-class leadership team, and meet the needs of senior management for self-improvement.

Trainee Talent Team Program, to help Master and PhD graduates to quickly integrate into Gan & Lee, cultivating their potential, and enhance their leadership awareness.

Landmark Development Program, to expand the career paths of new key employees, increase management ability, and help them become the key comprehensive talents of departments.

Gifted Growing Genius, to improve the leadership and management ability of the successor core employees, and should read and retain more and younger comprehensive management talents for the company.

Employee Wellbeing
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