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Company Introduction

Founded in 1998, Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals (hereinafter referred to as Gan & Lee, stock code: 603087.SH) is a pharmaceutical company in China, specializing in the development, production, and commercialization of insulin analogs and medical devices. Headquartered in Beijing, Gan & Lee has an industrial park of about 200,000 square meters. The company has more than 4,000 employees globally.

Gan & Lee developed the first Chinese domestic insulin analog and currently has a series of insulin products approved in China. Moreover, Gan & Lee concluded a commercialization and supply agreement with Sandoz, to expand developed markets. As a global company focusing on the health of human beings, Gan & Lee is committed to providing scientific solutions to patients across the globe to have a positive impact on patient lives.
Culture and Value

文化與宗旨:企業文化核心——科學 極致
                   企業宗旨——質量第一 永遠創新

Our Vision

To expand to a global market, all of the marketing, products, talent, and branding should have global aims. Gan and Lee is committed to becoming a trusted leader in the global pharmaceutical industry, and a leader in global reforms. The key to achieving this goal is the pursuit of innovative processes, business practices and products.

Our Mission

Gan & Lee's mission is to spread the culture of human health to all nations and people in the world, to solve challenging health problems facing society, to save the lives of patients, and to improve the quality of human life. We endeavor to provide patients, medical workers and the medical insurance system with more valuable treatment options and reduce the cost of treatment. We aim to improve global health by meeting high standards for our products and services that enable people to live healthier lives.

Gan & Lee is committed to adopting sound product, processes, and quality to make reliable products. We also adhere to strict professional ethics and responsible working attitude to provide better services.

Culture and Tenet

Science leads our working approaches. Gan & Lee colleagues should be able to design the process, improve the methods, as well as judge the results from a scientific perspective, pursuing excellence.

We are committed to adopting the advanced production standards to make reliable products, and never stop the advancement and exploratory pace in product development, technological innovation, and market development. Every milestone of progress provides Gan & Lee a valuable learning experience.

To be a world-class pharmaceutical company with focus on global business development

To provide high quality products and improve human lives globally

Science & Excellence
Quality First Innovation Forever




Founded R&D Center - Beijing Gan & Lee Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (later became Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals)
Completed the construction of the world's 3rd largest recombinant human insulin production base


Successfully developed China's 1st fast-acting human insulin analog - Prandilin? (Lispro)


Successfully developed China's 1st long-acting human insulin analog - Basalin? (Glargine)
Successfully developed China's 1st premixed human insulin analog - Prandilin ? 25 (Lispro 25R)


Company was restructured and renamed to“Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals ”
Patents were obtained for the Molecular Chaperone Technology in China and PCT patent was obtained in the US
Received production approval and GMP certificate for Basalin? from the NMPA (before CFDA)


Basalin? went on sale


Basalin? entered the international market, including Egypt, Pakistan, Mexico, etc.


The company's sales revenue exceeded RMB100 million
China's 1st independently developed insulin injection pen-Insulin Pen was launched


The company completed the shareholding transformation and its name was changed to “Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals”


China's 1st premixed human insulin analog Prandilin? 25 was launched
Founded Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals USA


Completed the construction of the new insulin analog manufacturing plant in Beijing
Insulin glargine was allowed by the FDA to proceed with Phase I clinical study in US


Basalin passed Europe's QP inspection and was allowed to proceed with Phase I and Phase III clinical trials in Europe
Gan & Lee attended the 78th American Diabetes Annual Conference (ADA) as the first Chinese pharmaceuticals to attend the conference
Gan & Lee concluded a commercialization and supply agreement with Sandoz, a subsidiary of Novartis on biosimilar versions of insulins used in patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes


Recombinant insulin lispro was allowed by the FDA & European Medicines Agency to proceed with Phase I and Phase III clinical trials in the US and Europe


Gan & Lee was Initially listed on the A-share index on the Shanghai Stock Exchange
Aspart was approved for listing in China
Started the construction of Gan & Lee Linyi Production Base


In the sixth batch of the national centralized drug-procurement program (insulin special) , all six products of Gan & Lee Company won the bid with high ranking
Gan & Lee Announces New Partnership with the International Diabetes Federation
The clinical trial application of GZR18, a GLP-1 RA, is approved by Chinese National Medical Products Administration


First Patient Dosed in Phase II Clinical Trials of the company’s investigational drug GLP-1RA (GZR18) in China and the first subject has been dosed in the U.S
Gan & Lee's self-developed Class 1.1 new drug GZR101 has initiated Phase I clinical trials and the first subject has been dosed in China
The first subject had been dosed in a Phase I clinical trial of GZR4 (a novel, ultra-long-acting insulin analog independently developed by company ) in China, and FDA has allowed the IND to go forward allowing patients to be treated in the protocol submitted with the IND


The marketing authorization of the three insulin products, insulin glargine, lispro, and aspart, was officially accepted by the US FDA and EMA
NMPA Issued IND Clearance for Gan & Lee’s First Monoclonal Antibody GLR1023 Injection

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